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A Queensland Quarantine - pt 1: procedures

Due to the Covid pandemic every person entering Queensland, regardless of their mode of transportation, country of origin (even Australia), or citizenship, must quarantine for 14 days. The complete quarantine process is managed and coordinated by the Australian government, federal, state and local police, and a few local hotels. As we exited the plane in Brisbane, we were handed a form with our hotel assignment and then escorted to immigration and customs. Our temperatures were taken as we left immigration before entering the baggage claim area and customs. After that, we were escorted to another area where we were required to answer some questions by the federal police. Nothing too interrogative, just basic info regarding who, why, and where, etc. Authorities repeatedly counted the passengers in our group to ensure all arriving passengers make it to quarantine without escape. No photos were allowed while in police presence, so I was unable to provide my own pictures of the very friendly and helpful Queensland Police officers.

There were 2 charter buses used to transport the 30 passengers in our group to our assigned hotel. Our home for the next 2 weeks...The Westin Brisbane. While it sucks that we have to stay confined to a hotel room for 14 days, it could definitely be worse.

King-size bed, new modern bathroom, big-screen tv and small cupboard with coffee maker and fridge.

We may not have a balcony, but we have a great view!😊 I’ll take it!

When checking in to the hotel, we were asked for any dietary restrictions or requests. Rob requested no red meat, and they have been very accommodating with that request. (I will talk more about food in a later post.) We were then given a packet of quarantine procedures, processes, and government regulations. Finally, they handed us a keycard to our room that would only work 1 time. Anytime leaving or returning to our room beyond check-in, police escorts were required.

Which brings me to “fresh-air breaks”. Following a link in our informational packet, we can request some time outside to walk, do basic stretches, or just soak up a few sun rays. All while wearing a mask of course. The police officers let you stay as long as you like as long as those who have requested a break are able to get it. Everyone is closely monitored by room number and, again, must be escorted to and from their room.

I found it interesting that everyone walking the short loop around the perimeter of the break area were always walking in a clockwise direction. Must be because they drive on the left side of the roads here.

To avoid any interaction with hotel staff all meals, care packages, and fresh linens are left outside our door. They pretty much knock and run! We’ve been asked to wait 10 seconds before opening our door.

Fresh linens, towels, tp (aka bum tickets), trash bags and large bags for dirty linens are left for us outside our room every 4th day of quarantine.

An essential laundry service allowance Is provided by the local government of $15 per room per day. Since we don’t really do anything and spend half the day in our pajamas, anyway, we have not yet asked for laundry service.

Every day or so, we get a call from the Queensland Government to check in with us. They simply ask how we are feeling and if there is anything we need. They always thank us for following Covid-19 regulations for our health and the health of the Queensland Community. On day 10, a nurse will come to our door to administer a COVID test. On day 12, assuming our results are negative, we will receive check-out info for day 14. Yay!

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