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Footy Fanatics

Go Bulldogs!! During our first visit to Melbourne back in May 2021, we had the opportunity to attend an AFL (AFL = Australian Football League) game at the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground). Because our hosts were Bulldog fans, we adopted them as our team as well. So, we've been Bulldog fans since we moved to Melbourne. You know, from way back in June 2021. ;)

AFL Grand Final = US Super Bowl

The Grand Final is comparable to Super Bowl Sunday in the States but typically played last Saturday in September. And if you're lucky enough to live in Melbourne, you also get an extra holiday the Friday just before. Despite the game in Perth this year rather than Melbourne due to COVID lockdown restrictions, Melbournians still got their holiday - Grand Final Friday!

Rob and I watched the game, of course. I mean, when in Rome, right? Plus, the Western Bulldogs were playing this year against another Melbourne team, the Melbourne Demons.

Unfortunately, the Bulldogs lost to the Demons with a final score of 140-66. Ouch!

We are still entirely lost on the rules but enjoy watching it. It looks a lot like a vicious game of hot potato. Australian rules footy combines just about every field sport, but the players wear no protective gear, no helmets, pads, or even shin guards. Well, maybe a mouthguard and athletic cup. Who knows?

They play on a massive oval-shaped field with relatively constant play for 4 x 20 minute quarters. AFL players run an average of 14km (approx. 10 miles) during one game due to the large field and constant playtime.

AFLW - Women's league: The AFLW played their inaugural game in 2017 with teams from all over the Country. The Aussie women are just as tough as the men!

AFL Australian Rules Football Explained. The video below does a much better job of explaining the game than I could. So, If you're curious, have a look-see.

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