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MILLIONS of 100s & 1000s

As you would expect, the Aussie's language and terms have a strong foundation in British English, but they've definitely created their own dialect.

Apparently, 100s & 1000s come from British English. And when I found a Costco-sized tub of them, there must be millions of 100s & 1000s in one container.

You are probably wondering..."Why are they called 100s & 1000s?" Well, I did a little research because I was wondering the same thing. They get this name from broken-up sugar strands alluding to their uncountability.

I think I'll stick with "sprinkles."

While Australians speak English, they like to shorten, simplify, and change the words completely to communicate more efficiently. In general, all you have to do is drop a few syllables and add "o" or "y" to the end of the word. If you get this figured out, you'll be off to a good start. "She'll be right!"

Here is a glimpse of life in Straya:

The first thing I do in the morning is have some avo toast for brekky and a flat white. I check email and Facey on my lappy to see what my mates are up to. I then grab a Biros and A4 to make a list for the shops. A cobber of ours has invited us to a piss up at his place this arvo out whoop whoop.

My first stop will be Woolies to buy snags and chook for the barbie, choccy bickies and lollies for dessert, and some serviettes for clean up. Next, I'll hit the bottle-o. I need to grab a slab of tinnies and a goon to throw in the esky.

Now that the boot is chockers of coldies and tucker, I defo need a sanger from Maccas.

Our mate is a bit of a bogan. He doesn't have a pool, but he does have a billabong. So, we'll be sure to take our bathers, thongs, and sunnies.

Crikey! It's bloody hot out there! And these mozzies are the size of quokkas. Our arms are tired from the Aussie salute. A brolly can help with shade from the sun but not the bugs. It's tempting to drink lots of coldies in this kind of weather, but we don't want the coppers hauling us off in the booze bus. We also don't want to be so pissed that we have to pull a sickie from work tomorrow.

After the sun went down, the temp dropped. So, we put on our flannies, daks, and runners. We then watched some footy on the telly.

Finally, it was time to head home. So, we used the loo and then buggered off.

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