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Thanks for your patience!

My first instinct is to feel bad and apologize for not posting since Nov 2021. I’ve been dragging my feet on restarting this blog as if I’m at fault for something. Why is that? A colleague recently reminded me that instead of apologizing for a late response, I should say, ‘Thanks for your patience!’ So, that is what I’m doing.

The reality, which I must embrace, is that I’ve been so fortunate to live life to the fullest as we live, work, and travel in Australia, that I did not devote the attention or time to the blog that I wanted to and got behind. And that’s okay. My goal is to better share our experiences and adventures with you without the fear of mistakes, imperfections, and delays holding me back.

I also changed the blog's name since I didn’t feel the original name was still relevant. We no longer live in Queensland and now live in Melbourne, Victoria. Also, now that travel restrictions have lifted, we hope to travel even beyond the borders of Australia to as many places in the World as time and money will allow. I chose ‘At the roundabout…’ because as we navigate life and travel, we encounter many roundabouts. Which direction do I enter? Which exit do I take? And if you miss it the first time, it’s okay to go with the flow and try again. That’s what goes through my head, at least. So, as Siri always says, “At the roundabout, …” then I would finish that with “take the 3rd exit to adventure and outside your comfort zone.”

Here’s to a New Year, new goals, and new challenges!

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