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Turkey Pot Pie: an Australian Thanksgiving

What are a bunch of Americans to do for Thanksgiving dinner while in Australia? Have Turkey Pot Pie, of course. As it turns out, meat pies are even more popular than fruit pies in Australia. And a local shop, Pie Town, throws together a delicious Thanksgiving Pie with turkey, cranberry and brie. We weren't quite sure how it would taste, but it truly exceeded our expectations. Since we were going with a pie theme anyway, we also treated ourselves to a Frankenpie (your choice of 4 different pie flavors cut into a whole pie). Our 4 flavors...Blueberry, Apple, Pumpkin, and Bourbon Pecan.

We hosted "Australian Thanksgiving Dinner" at our place with some great new friends from Dallas, TX, Kristin and Dave. It may not have been a typical Thanksgiving celebration, but we have a ton for which to be thankful; great friends, good health, and an adventurous life!

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