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An ISO Staycation; the best way to vacay!

Think about all-inclusive, luxury hotel stay with police presence!

Do you need to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the outside world or need a break from those harsh sun rays? Are you tired of having to get showered and dressed for the day? Who REALLY wants to be bothered, for that matter, to put on shoes and interact with the general public?

With an ISO vacation, you can be guaranteed 14 days of hotel accommodations. No worries of having your vacation cut short, for sure. All of your meals are delivered to you like room service. And the best part, by far, is that you can’t feel guilty for not exercising or being swimsuit ready because the gym and pool are off limits anyway.

All this peace and quiet and laziness can be yours. Book now...

Only $2,800* for one adult, $3,710* for two adults, and $4,620* for a family of four!

*airfare not included, prices may vary by location, above pricing in Australian dollars.

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